Gemological Institute of America set the standards for the Diamond Industry. Through the generations G.I.A. have maintained their strict standards of evaluating Diamonds and their Grades. There are other Certificates on the market however None are as Respected for the level of accuracy as are the G.I.A. Diamond Certificates. Suzanne stays true to her own standards by only representing Diamonds Certified by G.I.A.
In Addition to Representing G.I.A. Certified Diamonds, Suzanne takes one step further and spends the time required to Hand Select amongst those available Diamonds for the best combination of table percentages, Pavilion angles, depth percentages, girdle thicknesses, absence of Fluorescence. She reads the fine print within the details of the certificates to choose the diamonds with the fewest inclusions, and least prominent types of inclusions within their allotted grades. It’s just another way to allow her Custom Designs to Brilliantly Shine.