Selecting from the Color Palettes of the World’s Natural Gemstones, Suzanne Travels Extensively Throughout the World to Choose the Most Exquisite Gemstones, which are Featured Prominently in Her Designs. Brazil, Thailand, China, Japan, and Sri Lanka are Among Her List of Gemstone Destinations. Suzanne owns a home in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. The Country, Sri Lanka is home to many Gemstones but is most notably known as the source of Ceylon Sapphires. An Oval, Ceylon Sapphire of 12 Carats is Featured in Princess Kate’s Engagement Ring.
A Partial list of Gems, which make an appearance in Suzanne’s Designs:

Alexandrite, Natural with a color change



Bi- color Amethyst

Ametrine, Amethyst/ Citrine

Beryl, Golden

Citrine, burnished Orange

Bi- color Citrine


Fancy color diamonds , yellows and pink



Columbian Emeralds

Brazillian Emeralds

African Emerald



Champagne color Garnets, Sri Lanka

Manderin Orange Garnets, Africa

Rasberry Rhodolite Garnets

Tsavorite green Garnets, east Africa




Opal, Ethiopian

South Seas Natural Color Pearls

Ruby, Thailand


Sapphires, Ceylon;

Soft Powder Blue to Kashmir shades of Blue

Pastel Pink to Hot vibrant Pink

Lavender hues of pink


Tourmaline, Brazil;

Minty shades of Green to forrest greens, and bluegrass green

Soft baby pink shades to deep Rose colors, Hot Pinks & reds / burgandys

Watermelon Tourmalines & Bi- color Tourmalines


Natural Blue Zircon, Cambodia